Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)
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The Nintendo Entertainment system (NES) (or better known as FAMICOM FAMIlyCOMputer in Japan)was hugely popular, its sucess must be largley due to the huge number of quality games that were released on the system. The first games in the Zelda series were released along with classic arcade conversions such as Gauntlet and double dragon. Not to mention the ever popular Mario 1, 2 and 3.
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Technical Specs

CPU 6508 @ 1.79Mhz
RAM System Ram: 2KB, Video Ram 2KB
VIDEO 256x240, 16 colors (out of a palette from 52)
AUDIO 3 channel + 1 noise channel
EXTERNAL STORAGE Cartridges (128Kbit - 4Mbit)





Super Mario Bros (1985) ExiteBike (1985) Tetris (1986) 

Ghost 'n Goblins (1986) Zelda II: The Adventures of Link (1988)  RoadBlasters (1990) 


VirtuaNES (Japanese)  Download
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Golf (1982)
Philips Videopac