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Vectrex Timeline  
December 1980: Large supply of 5" CRT's bought cheaply from a liquidator's surplus.
Spring 1981: "Mini-Arcade" development begins with Mike Purvis and John Ross.
Spring 1981: Project is re-named. Tom Sloper suggests "Vector-X", which soon becomes "Vectrex".
July 1981: Kenner declines an option on the project.
September 1981: Vectrex concept is licensed by General Consumer Electronics (GCE), and a 9" CRT is decided on.
October 1981: Paul Newell, Mark Indictor and John Hall begin to engineer the Vectrex.
January 1982: Bill Hawkins and Chris King join the team.
April 1982: In preperation for the system's imminent launch, Paul Newell finishes Scramble, Mine Storm, Berzerk, Rip Off, and StarTrek.
June 1982: Vectrex is presented to the public at the Summer CES in Chicago, IL.
Summer 1982: Mass production of Vectrex units begins.
November 1982: The Vectrex Arcade System hits U.S. store shelves.
Spring 1983: GCE is acquired by Milton Bradley (MB).
Summer 1983: Vectrex distributed in Germany and many other west European countries by MB.
February 1984: 3-D Imager is presented at the Winter CES in Las Vegas, NV.
March 1984: MB announces a halt to all sales in germany. The European Vectrex is dead.
Summer 1984: Hasbro buys MB and phases out the Vectrex.
December 1984: Amidst the great video game crash, the U.S. Vectrex is pronounced dead.

The Vectrex is a different kind of game console. This console has a build in monochrome monitor, and the graphics are vector-stylish.
Although it has monochrome graphics, each game came with a colored (game-theme) template to place before the screen to make the screen have a color look-alike (see screenshots).
Vectrex main console The original box
The controller
The cartridge

Technical Specs

CPU Motorola 68A09 @ 1.6Mhz
VIDEO Monochrome vector graphics
AUDIO 1 channel


Scramble (1982)
Clean Sweep (1982)
Armor Attack (1982)
 Berzerk (1982)
Hyperchase (1982)
Spinball (1983)


There are no known emulators for this system at this time (only roms). If you know a good Vectrex emulator, please let me know (via the contact form).
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Golf (1982)
Philips Videopac