Atari 7800
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The Atari 7800 is Atari's most overlooked and under-appreciated console. The console was announced on May 21st, 1984, and was to carry a price tag of $140. The new custom CPU that would power the system was capable of moving 100 objects on-screen at the same and time and displaying a 256 color palette. The system would also be 100% compatible with the huge existing 2600 library. Twelve 7800 titles were announced for launch, as well as a special High-Score cartridge that would allow console gamers to save their high scores for the first time ever. The public was excited, and the 7800 was poised to take over the gaming world. But it didn't quite happen that way.
Atari 7800 main console The original box The controller The cartridge

Technical Specs

CPU 6502 at 1.79 Mhz  
RAM 4K  
ROM 4K  
VIDEO 320x200, 256 colors
AUDIO 2-channel (same as Atari 2600)


DigDug (1984) Xevious (1984) Summer Games (1985) 
Desert Falcon (1987) Klax (1989)  Mean 18 (1989) 


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Golf (1982)
Philips Videopac