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In 1982, Atari introduced the Atari 5200 to the gaming public. The originally planned sequel to the 5200 was a system called the 3200, but development was halted on it as being too difficult to develop for. Atari decided to produce a game system based on its line of 8-bit computers, which also happened to be fairly decent at playing games. Games could be ported very easily from the Atari 400/800 to the Atari 5200, and many were (especially in later years). The biggest hardware difference between the 5200 and 8-bit computers was the inclusion of an analog joystick with the 5200. This controller allowed a full 360 degrees of movement, but unfortunately it was not self-centering. This made it very difficult to play many games, such as Pac-Man. In addition, the controllers were prone to failure, making it very difficult these days to find a 5200 system with working controllers. Several third-party vendors (most notably Wico) did release better controllers and devices that allowed use of 9-pin 2600 compatible joysticks.
Atari 5200 main console The original box The controller The cartridge

Technical Specs

CPU 6502C (8-bit @ 1.79 MHz)
VIDEO 320 x 192, 16 colors from a palette of 256  
AUDIO 4 channel


 Space Invaders (1982) MS. Pacman (1983)  Moonpatrol (1983) 
 Congo Bongo (1983) Q Bert (1983)  Jungle Hunt (1983) 


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Golf (1982)
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