Game Park GP32
Handhelds 16 / 32 bits


GamePark, a Korean company, releases the GP32. This 32-bit handheld console differs from the GameBoy and other handheld systems because of its open architecture. Rather than using proprietary ROM cartridges for games, the GP32 uses re-writable Smart Media cards. This makes the system very appealing to amateur programmers and developers. In fact, many emulators are ported to the system because of its architecture. The original unit uses a reflective screen like the GameBoy Advance. Eventually, a front-lit unit (FLU) is released and finally a back-lit unit (BLU) is made available.
GP32 GP32 Active
Original box
Smartmedia Cards
are used for storage

Technical Specs

CPU Samsung S3C2400X01 (ARM920T core) @ 133/160/166 Mhz (depends on model)
RAM 8 MB SDRAM (16-bit wide)
ROM 512 KB (8-bit wide)
VIDEO 320x240 with 65535 colors
AUDIO 16-part polyphonic software MIDI
EXTERNAL STORAGE Smart Media Cards (SMC) 16/32/64/128MB


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Astonishia Story R
 Raphael Treasure Island


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