Atari 600XL / 800XL
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Atari Timeline

196?: As an engineering student at the University of Utah, Nolan Bushnell liked to sneak into the computer labs late at night to play computer games on the university's $7 million mainframes.
1972: Bushnell founded Atari with $250 of his own money and another $250 from business partner Ted Dabney. They then created and commercialized the world's first commercial video game, Pong. Bushnell was 27 years old.
1976: Warner Communications buys Atari from Bushnell for $28 million.
1977: Atari introduces the Atari Video Computer System (VCS), later renamed the Atari 2600
1978: December - Atari announces the Atari 400 and 800 personal computers.
1979: October - Atari begins shipping the Atari 400 and Atari 800 personal computers.
1979: December - Atari produces the first coin-operated Asteroids game machine.
1981: May - Atari announces the 8KB Atari 400 is being discontinued.
1982: January - Atari begins shipping all Atari 800 units with GTIA graphics chips, allowing three more graphics modes than previously.
1982: December - Atari issues a US$55 rebate on the Atari 400, dropping its retail price to under US$200.
1983: January - Atari introduces the 1200XL home computer.
1983: May - Atari offers a US$100 rebate on the Atari 800, bringing its retail price to below US$400.
1983: June - Atari introduces the Atari 600 XL.
1983: June - Atari introduces the Atari 800 XL, with 64 KB RAM.

1983: June - Atari introduces the Atari 1450 XL, with built-in 300 bps modem.
1983: June - Atari introduces the Atari 1450 XLD, with built-in 300 bps modem and disk drive.
1983: October - Atari begins shipping its XL computers.
1983: - Atari cancels production of the Atari 1200XL, due to compatibility and other problems.
1984: July - Jack Tramiel, President of Commodore International, leaves Commodore in January and buys Atari.
1984: - Atari introduces the Atari 7800 ProSystem.
1985: January - Atari introduces the 65XE, for US$120.
1985: Atari introduces the 130XE, with 128KB RAM.
1985: Atari introduces the 130ST for US$400.
1985: Atari introduces the 520ST for US$600.
1987: January - At the Winter CES, Atari announces a US$1500 laser printer.
1988: September - Atari introduces the Atari TT.
1989: - Atari Computer introduces the Portfolio, a 1-pound DOS-based PC, which runs on three AA batteries. Price: US$400
Atari 600/800 XL (1983)
Atari 600/800 XL (1983) Tape en Floppy disk drive

Technical Specs

CPU MOS 6502C @1.77Mhz (1.79 on NTSC)
RAM 600XL: 16 KB expandable to 48 KB
800XL: 64 KB expandable to 128 KB
VIDEO 320x192 with 16 colors (with 16 intensities)
AUDIO 4 channel mono
EXTERNAL STORAGE Cartridges, tapes, Floppy discs


Boulderdash Centipede
 Loderunner Riverraid
Star Raiders


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