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Vic-20 Timeline

6560 VIC1 Chip developed, intended for game consoles to be manufactured by OEM's (i.e. not Commodore)

1980 April
Jack Tramiel announced at a strategy meeting in London, England. The intention is to build a US$300 home computer.

1980 June
VIC-1001 Announced as the worlds first Colour Computer for less than $300 and sold in Japan's Seibu Department Store. The machine would later be rebranded VIC-20.

1981 Jan - Feb
First VIC's delivered to retailers
Bally Arcade licenses Commodore to manufacture its arcade games into cartridges for the VIC-20

1982 Jan
VIC Modem, a 300 Baud Cartridge, is released for $110

1982 Fall / Winter
Commodore 64 announced

Commodore has shipped 750,000 VIC-20 computers by the end of 1982.
Apple Computer has shipped 600,000 Apple II computers by the end of 1982.
Timex has shipped 600,000 Timex/Sinclair 1000 computers by the end of 1982.
Texas Instruments has shipped 575,000 TI 99/4 computers by the end of 1982.

1983 January
Commodore's sales of VIC-20s exceeds 1,000,000 units!

1984 January
January 13th - Commodore shows off prototype 264 and 364 at CES and indicates they should be in production by June
January 15th - Commodores founder, visionary and CEO, Jack Tramiel quits Commodore with secret plans to buy the near bankrupt Atari
Commodore shows a Golden Jubilee version of the 64 to commemorate the 1,000,000 C64 to be produced in the US

1985 January
Commodore shows off the C128 Personal Computer at CES. This new machine has three modes: 64, CP/M and the new 128KB mode.
Last VIC is produced and shipped
Total lifetime sales are about 2,500,000 units


Commodore VIC 20
(Game) Cartridge
Original VIC 20 Floppydrive
and tapedrive
Original box

Technical Specs

CPU MOS 6502 @ 1.0227 MHz
RAM 5KB (3.5KB for the user)
VIDEO VIC-I (6560) chip:
Text: 22x23 characters, 176x184 with 16 colors
AUDIO 4-channel Mono
EXTERNAL STORAGE Tapes, Floppy Discs, Cartridges
(Cartridges are used for memory expansion, programms and game programms)


 Basic start-up screen
Pole Position
 Pinball Skyhawk Donkey Kong


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Golf (1982)
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